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Launch Your Business Checklist is your step-by-step blueprint to start your entrepreneurial journey. It helps define your services, pricing, and unique brand. It assists in streamlining processes, from contracts to client onboarding. Plus, it guides you through the legalities to ensure smooth operations. Everything you need to ignite your business idea, all in one checklist.

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Whether you’re starting a new venture or growing an existing one, our Launch Your Business Checklist is a comprehensive tool designed to guide you through the essentials of setting up a successful business. This checklist is designed to save you time and stress, ensuring you’ve covered every critical step in your business launch journey.

The Essentials:

Starting a business involves a host of decision-making processes. Our checklist will guide you in choosing the services you will offer, researching the best hourly rate for your services, creating unique service bundles, and defining your niche. With the Launch Your Business Checklist, you’ll be able to estimate the time you can devote to your business monthly, create a compelling mission statement, and craft a comprehensive pricing sheet.


Your brand is your business’s personality, and our checklist ensures you build a strong one. From helping you choose your unique business name, ensuring it’s not already trademarked, registering it with the Secretary of State office, to purchasing the domain, and claiming your social media names and links – the checklist covers all. You’ll also receive guidance on selecting your brand colors and fonts to align with your brand personality.

Your Processes:

The key to a smooth-running business is well-defined processes. The Launch Your Business Checklist assists in researching the best time tracking and invoicing/accounting tools. It helps you create a professional contract, choose the ideal project management tools, and establish an intake questionnaire for clients. Other aspects include guidance on portfolio creation, developing a Welcome Packet for new clients, setting up a business bank account, and developing a weekly financial plan.


Our checklist helps you navigate the often complex business legalities. You’ll get guidance on applying for an EIN number, setting reminders for paying quarterly taxes, and choosing whether to operate as a sole proprietor or LLC.

Equip yourself with our Launch Your Business Checklist today and get ready to soar to new heights in your business journey!


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